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MARTIE: Both of us were pleasantly surprised – in awe would be a better word – by what we found at Yellowstone. It’s really quite hard to describe – and the photos only begin to scratch the surface. It’s trite to say this, but you really had to be there. Yellowstone is an amazing world like nowhere else I have ever been. It is a huge, wild environment (nearly 3,500 square miles!) that enthralled not just my vision, but also hearing and smell. At Yellowstone, the horizon went on forever which inspired a sense of awe. We were among some amazing wildlife; it’s hard to imagine until you experience it yourself.

POLLY: The images in this portfolio show the thermal features of the spots that we visited, the presence of water – it was everywhere – and the colors and textures of the landscape. In retrospect, I wish that we had divided our time more evenly between Yellowstone and Glacier. Both parks had more to take in than we could possibly have managed in the time that we had planned thus assuring a return trip. I hope the photos we have selected for this portfolio pique your interest in a trip to Wyoming!

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