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MARTIE: Departing from Glacier had been a bitter sweet moment but we had enjoyed driving across the Short Grass Prairie and now we found ourselves traveling across the Wisconsin Dells. Throughout the trip home we had good “driving weather” with only a few brief showers. Suddenly we found ourselves heading into a “strange storm.” It was by no means dangerous: winds were gentle and the possibility of an electrical storm seemed remote. As we passed through rain and then sun and sunny skies with rain falling we were not surprised to see the rainbow that appeared on the driver’s side. We really wanted to enjoy the rainbow off the Interstate. But there were no exits for many miles and we had to travel with the flow (60 mph or a bit higher); traffic seemed rather heavy and the highway berm did not allow for a safe pull over. Polly was driving – a good thing as it allowed me to grab the camera. The speed of the car and the gentle motion of the interior posed challenges that I had never had to manage before. But I made a couple of intelligent changes to the camera settings, we rolled down the windows, I uttered a brief prayer and I fired away. Quite suddenly a second rainbow joined the first outside Polly’s window. We were enjoying these when we realized that the rainbow was passing directly over the car, terminating in plain sight out the passenger window.

POLLY: It was a poignant moment and a particularly fitting end to a wonderful trip:

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