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MARTIE: Glacier National Park has been on my bucket list for more than six decades! When I was a child, my summer camp had a book in the camp library that I read every summer – for perhaps 5 or 6 years. It told the story of a girl my age; she lived in Montana; she had a horse; she described in tantalizing detail the landscape surrounding Glacier National Park. At the time, I was a budding Naturalist. The book seemed to touch my soul; I knew that one day I would go to Glacier National Park; to enjoy for myself the things that my imaginary summer companion described. Years passed; life intervened; more time passed; and one day I discovered that I was 73 – undoubtedly far past the point where I would be able to savor the experiences that I had embraced as a young girl. Then, out of the blue, Polly told me that we were going! Planning the trip became my life’s work for eight months! Now, I have been to Glacier National Park! I think there are no words that do justice to living the reality of what I had held in my soul for such a long, long time. How is a peak life experience ever described? I offer my photos; I believe they simply touch what Glacier National Park is all about. Go to Glacier; I believe it will do good things for you too, just as it did for me.

POLLY: When I first saw Martie’s photos (of all the parks but especially Glacier) I was transfixed. Each image evoked memories of the places we’ve been and the fun things that we did. But it was far more than that. Viewing the photos made me realize that at Glacier I was experiencing something like a sensory overload of sorts. At the time, I took in as much as I possibly could but the photos now help to fill in the pieces that I overlooked while we were there. I have looked at these again and again – each time appreciating yet another detail. It is likely that I will visit these photos again and again.

Nothing beats going to Glacier – and you should go. Meanwhile you have Martie’s photos to enjoy. And while I have this chance I want to tell you that her work is truly outstanding! She has applied the craft of a juried photographer and the eye of an artist to render photographs that are really gorgeous!

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