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POLLY: This was our comfortable home for much of our stay in Glacier. Martie had requested the lodge on the ground level all the way to the left. This meant that we had windows on two sides – nice cross ventilation! We also had an outdoor, patio area where we could sit and enjoy the forest that came right up to our door. And one morning as we were leaving for our daily activity we saw that special company had wandered right out of the forest. For a moment, it was kind of awkward. I was glancing to the left to watch for any traffic and there in the middle of the road was a Black Bear. Martie and I saw him at the same moment and there was this odd pause while each of us tried to think of what to say/do next – grab the camera, of course! The bear was actually between us and the lodge so there was no opportunity for us to alert the other guests. Eventually one of the young women housekeepers saw us gesturing! She informed the others at the lodge but by them our visitor had decided to move along to – well, to wherever bears go!

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