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MARTIE: I must admit that these images are among my very favorites! But I suspect that many viewers may find them trite and uninspired – not worth more than a casual glance. And that’s OK! This may not be a genre that you embrace or enjoy. Move on or sample a couple of images and see if the contents of this album “stick.”

The Forest Floor images depict a microcosm of Glacier National Park in miniature. I find these images just as exquisite as their macrocosm equivalents (mountains, waterfalls, ponds, trees, etc.). These photos can be enjoyed without knowing anything about the underlying life processes or the specific plants depicted here. Ask me and I will be happy to share what I have learned about bryophytes, fungi, mosses and lichens. For now, please just check these out and let me know how they strike you.

POLLY: I am honored that Martie has permitted me space to comment on her Forest Floor photos especially since my writing skills do not come close to hers! Martie is a brilliant woman – undoubtedly brighter than anyone else I have ever known. She is a kind and generous woman, resilient in the face of adversity, insightful to the extreme. She has a wonderful, wry sense of humor. But in spite of all these sterling qualities you need to know that she doesn’t just photograph the floor of the mighty forest, she talks to it‼ No kidding! And no kidding: These are seriously beautiful images that truly do speak to what a gem of a person Martie is.

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