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MARTIE: The Badlands National Park was the first stop on our National Park trip. It was here that we first experienced the wide-open spaces of North Dakota. We were able to see absolutely to the horizon for 360º. We also discovered the clean air; it felt good to smell and also to feel on my face. As I lined up these photos I couldn’t help realizing how incredibly blue the sky was. As I pondered this I realize that the sky itself looked “Photo Shopped!” So, for the record I did nothing to alter the color in the vast majority of images in this entire collection. But, for the Badlands I tweaked the sky so it was not quite as blue as it actually was when I shot these photos!

POLLY: We spent two days at Badlands and the weather was bright and sunny, but with a predictable, brief afternoon shower. This park is much smaller than Yellowstone and Glacier, so it was possible for us to visit the same areas for repeat visits. I noticed that the appearance of the rugged landscape shifted dramatically as the light changed. In the morning and evening this was particularly noticeable. It seemed that the shadows created something entirely different when viewed at dawn and again at dusk. When it rained some areas reflected the light in unexpectedly strange and wonderful ways. It made me feel “small” in a good way! I knew that this park was God’s gift, a very special place – an important place for us to preserve so those who follow can also enjoy this pristine, wide open, amazing National Park!

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